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Where do Lost Souls Go?

To review, Lost Souls are people who have left their bodies (died), but haven’t crossed in to the light. For more information see my Blog, What Are Lost Souls?

When I first started studying the metaphysical, my teacher referred to these disconnected souls as “evil entities”. When I started working with them, I realized...


I first learned about Shungite from the Crystal expert Adrienne Goff. I was attending her Crystal class and she talked about this amazing crystal that does all kinds of magical things. This crystal, found only one location in Russia, is a pain reliever, heals almost everything, cuts EMF from technology, purifies water and fertilizes plants. She also told us about rooms lined with Shungite which existed only in Russia at the time, now there is...

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Imagine everyone sitting down for a big family feast. The best china set gently upon silk cloth, crystals brimming with fresh apple-cinnamon-ginger juice. An array of baked, steamed and sautéed vegetables decorate the table. Suddenly Grandma reaches for the salt, startled she rears back and exclaims, “Why is the salt PINK?!”

Oh Grandma, “Its Himalayan salt, and it’s wonderful!”


The Himalayan mountain...

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Shungite, Shungite, Shungite.... Nice to Meet You?

Welp, shungite. There is a whole lot of stuff being said of shungite that ranges from miracle healer to water purifier... to it having every element within it... to, well... there is a lot of stuff being said. The briefest gloss is that shungite is kinda like jet, because it is carbon that is created by decaying organic material, in shungite's case, underwater. The...

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Each of us is ruled by four primary aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When issues arise in one of these aspects, it can manifest in another. Think of when you were in grade school and had to face a test you didn’t feel ready for. You usually ended up with a stomach ache or actually getting sick. This is an example of a mental source manifesting in the physical. It’s not always easy to tell where the source of an issue is,...


Deceased Loved Ones Are Often with Us.

Not all entities are negative. We have many entities around us at all time, some are angels, some are fairies, others are spirits, but today we want to talk about deceased loved ones; DLOs.

Deceased loved ones can come from any lifetime and from any generation. I often have people tell me that it’s impossible to have a great great-great-grandparent with them because they never met, at least...


I had an interesting client this week, he called me for a friend of his that is having a lot of trouble but she’s the subject of another blog. In a nutshell, she has a lot of entities from many lifetimes and keeps trying to run from them like a cat with a string tied to its tail, or more appropriately from the movie Cars; Mater and the Ghost Light. This client allowed his friend to stay in his apartment for a couple nights trying to evade the...

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If you are asking this question, you probably do need at least an energy cleansing, and possibly an entity clearing.

To determine whether there is negative energy in your home and property, notice whether there are certain areas that make you uncomfortable. Do you pass through an area of your home and get angry or sad? Has anyone ever described a certain area as creepy or gotten the shivers? This would indicate stuck bad energy and...


Crystals are known for being sparkly and beautiful, but did you know they also put out unique energy frequencies that affect each of our unique energy frequencies? Crystals have amazing properties. Each mineral has a distinct geometric form which it grows, the hardness varies, the associated element varies; wind, fire, storm or earth, the chakra the color, and where it was found geographically. These variables give each type of crystal their...


COVID-19 has brought uncertainty in our personal lives and in society as a whole. This experience has produced what I call a Worldwide Wave of Worry because many can’t help but question how things will end up.

Over the last month, I have spoken to many clients who are living in a state of worry and fear. I too, am fighting to stay balanced at times, and want to offer my advice on how you can protect yourself.



Would you like to bring your happiness point closer while you sleep so you can have a better tomorrow? When we go to bed, we usually review our day; what went right but mostly what went wrong. We think about what we might have said during an argument, how unrealistic the boss is about the amount of work they expect and how much we didn’t get done, or guilt about the diet we ate that day. When we go to bed thinking about these situations, our...

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You have seen Himalayan Pink Salt in natural lamps, carved lamps, in edible form, and even in spa kits. Why is pink salt so popular? The short answer is “The things it can do are truly amazing!”. Because it was deposited between 250 and 600 million years ago, it is one of the few sea salts on the market that doesn’t contain plastic.

Himalayan Pink Salt is often sold as lamps because they naturally attract humidity, and when the moisture...


Although there are several types of entities, the most common are sometimes called spirits or ghosts, shadows or apparitions. I refer to them as Lost Souls. These are people who have left their bodies (died), but haven’t crossed in to the light. Think of how many people in this world have died since the beginning of Mankind, if the souls of only 1% still remain in this plane of existence, can you imagine how many souls there are floating...


Entities are Spirits or other form of energy that are around you all the time, not all entities are unwanted. Entities are sentient, energies are not. Some forms of desirable entities include Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones (DLO’s). These types of entities are helping to keep you safe and on your path. Many are assigned to you and are always with you, others come and go and you may call in as you need them.

There are undesirable...


So, you feel that you have, or have been told that you have, entity attachments, now what? Many people panic and run around like a cat with tape on its foot. Odds are, you have had these attachments for a long time, possibly several lifetimes, so although this is very important it is not an urgent matter.

Finding the right practitioner is imperative, not everyone is compatible. First discuss with your practitioner what you are dealing...


Perspective is everything!

Imagine that you are an ant, you work every day as a drone, you collect the things are told to collect and you carry them in the line back to the colony. This is what you do day after day, this is what’s normal, this is your world, your universe. You often wonder if there’s anything beyond your world. Sometimes you hear loud noises, sometimes shadows go over the working line and then all of a sudden, they’re...