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How Do I Know If My Home Needs Cleansing?

If you are asking this question, you probably do need at least an energy cleansing, and possibly an entity clearing.

To determine whether there is negative energy in your home and property, notice whether there are certain areas that make you uncomfortable. Do you pass through an area of your home and get angry or sad? Has anyone ever described a certain area as creepy or gotten the shivers? This would indicate stuck bad energy and requires at least cleansing.

Energy cleansing can be done by any competent practitioner or by the homeowner themselves. Energy can get stuck when there have been arguments in the house, when a current or former resident is fearful, or emotionally upset, depressed or disturbed. Energy can be cleansed using Reiki, burning Sage, using an essential oil spray, or by other holistic means. If this doesn’t solve the problem you may need a professional energy cleansing or an entity clearing.

You maybe asking “What’s the difference between energy and entities?” Excellent question! Entities are sentient meaning they are energetic beings with reasoning power, although not in the physical. Energy is not sentient. Think of energy as the sun streaming through your window. If you want to block it, close the shade (i.e., burn Sage). Think of entities as a mongoose running around your living room, you can close the shade but it won’t remove the animal, and may aggravate it, so you probably need to call an expert.

Sometimes negative energy is too thick and dark to be cleansed by conventional methods described above. Dark energy can be on your property for centuries and may cover areas much larger than your lot. This is usually the result of events that have happened on the property in the past, possibly hundreds of years before. People often try to reason that they couldn’t have a haunting because their house is new, to which I ask; “How long has the property been there?”. I have found outer walls of homes aligned with energetic anomalies, telling me that the anomaly pre dates the structure and whoever designed the home felt it!

One form of this thick dark energy I call a Blanket. Mostly there are blankets of sadness which are formed by the united sorrow of a group, for example an area used to restrain prisoners of war. These people can no longer stand up and fight for their beliefs, they cannot see or communicate with their loved ones and often suffer from this separation. When enough people are in this dark emotional state these energies weave together into the blanket of sadness. This blanket acts as flypaper to the creators and to any other souls (free of their bodies) that pass that way. Now these poor folks are dead and still cannot unite with their loved ones, the blanket grows ever denser and more and more souls get stuck, it’s a viscous cycle.

Another type of blanket I have encountered is a blanket of chaos where a mother with several children had each one scheduled down to the minute and she ran in circles all day maintaining this impossible timetable. Even though the house had sold to a new owner, the energy was constantly spinning chaotically. My client was thinking about purchasing the home from the new owner; a couple getting divorced. Now we must ask whether this chaotic energy contributed to the break-up? Entirely possible! After this Blanket of Chaos was cleared my client and her family enjoyed the home for years.

Another type of energy that can affect your home I call a Sticky Pit. Think of this as an energetic pond of toxic tar just below your home. The energies rise to permeate your home and property with this thick dark energy. Sticky Pits are difficult to remove even for professionals, and may take a few tries to make sure it is completely gone. I had a client with an L-shaped home. The family described one side as calm and relaxed and the other side was depressing and people living in those rooms were constantly sick. The family kept rotating the function for the affected rooms trying to find a good fit, but there wasn’t one, the energy had to be cleared. Once the sticky pit was gone both sides of the home were relaxed and calm, and the illness disappeared.

Unpleasant energy can come from Gaia herself. Ley lines can have horrible effects if they cross within your home. If you imagine a globe with the longitude and latitude lines drawn, you can imagine ley lines, although they don’t necessarily follow the line of the globe. These are energetic lines naturally occurring from the earth that run vertically and horizontally. If just one of these lines runs through your home, its not terrible but not great. If two actually cross, then you have problems. The energy of the two lines intersecting has been found to cause damage to living tissue such as cancer. My client had two ley lines cross in one of her bedrooms. Before we identified these lines, the Husband used this room as an office for a time and decided he wasn’t able to get his work done. He moved to a different room and the eldest son took the affected room. The way the furniture was set up the lines crossed in the middle of this man’s chest as he lay in bed, he had been complaining of pain in that area when we diagnosed this issue. By blocking these ley lines, we may have spared him permanent damage.

These are examples of energy that needs to be professionally cleansed, now let’s talk about entities. Entities include Lost Souls, Underworlds and Galactics, and well as some lesser found beings.

Lost Souls are described in the Blanket of Sadness above, although not all Lost Souls are stuck, most have the ability to move around as they search for a way back into the light. Lost Souls are found in groups, and there can be several hundred in your location or attached to you. They don’t necessarily mean any harm and may be trying to help you out, but imagine having an ongoing party with too many people in your living room, things happen; it’s too noisy, things get broken, drinks and food get spilled. Think of this energetically going on, all the time, day and night. You can’t find any peace but can’t put you finger on why not.

Underworlds are from the underworld that we also know as hell. Like Angels, they have never walked the earth, they are pure energetic beings. Both Angels and Underworlds get fed off of the energy of our emotions; Angels benefit from our feelings of love, joy, happiness, laughter and the light energy. Underworlds benefit from our dark emotions; depression, anger, addiction, desperation and the like. To gain advantage, Underworlds will do their best to lead you and your family to these dark emotions. They feel like cold spots in your home, they can knock over items, get into electronics and make your peaceful home crazy. If you have children and they complain about seeing scary things, please don’t dismiss them so quickly. These things are real and they are SCARY!

Underworlds can open portals, which are like wormholes or hallways between their world and yours. This allows the dark entities to move freely, as many as would like to. Imagine the door at a Mall, beings coming and going at will. Is there a wall in your home that will not hold pictures, things keep falling off? This indicates an underworld portal. These are often in a closet; they can be anywhere inside or outside your home. There can be several portals in the neighborhood affecting you but not always located on your property. There can be more than one portal on your property. These will need to be sealed by an expert, please don’t try to remove Underworlds or their portals by yourself unless trained, they do like to retaliate.

Galactics are more often found on people as opposed to property, although I have found alien bases in several States. Lost Souls, Underworlds, Portals and Blankets can burden people as well as places and things. Once your home has been cleared of these, crystals that put off negative ions are helpful to keep you clear such as Himalayan Pink Salt lamps and Selenite. For the healthiest and happiest home and family, get a checkup by a professional Entity Doctor regularly.