Do You Suspect You Have Entity Attachments?

What you need to know when choosing a spiritual practitioner.

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Guiding You To a Happier Healthier Lifestyle

Cindy Hallett is an author, reverend, Reiki master, energy healer, and spiritual coach. She is here to guide you to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Together, you'll identify issues and shift energy to create harmony in your life, home, and workspace. Whether you're looking for direction or want to learn more about becoming a Lightworker, Cindy is here to help. Get ready to reclaim strength, love, and light in your life!

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A spirit clearing? Guidance? Education? Energy Balancing? A Reading? Let’s talk about what is in YOUR best and highest good. Like any doctor you contact about your concerns, The Entity Doctor can better help you after hearing your story to understand your wishes and desires and thoroughly examine your spiritual condition. Get started by scheduling your consultation now.

What Cleints Are Saying

Andy H
Cindy is amazing in every way! We are grateful as she is a prayer in motion.she truly made our lives better. We can now sleep at night. Our house had terrifying things happening and Cindy made it all go away. She is a miracle worker!
Zula C
Making the wise choice to start seeing Cindy has shifted my life in the most positive ways. The change in mindset and confidence gained from such an amazing teacher was something I did not think possible before receiving guidance from Cindy. When I first reached out to her I was energetically drained from lack of boundaries, always expecting the worst, and healing from past experiences. This is one of the best life choices I've ever made. I feel more confident, full of light and life and more ready for my journey in this life ( & being open to receiving the good positive things the universe has to offer). This person is truly a divine blessing. This will change your life for the better. Absolutely recommend.
Travis M
We were blessed with the opportunity to get to meet Cindy at our home a few weeks ago. Our family has had to deal with hauntings for years to the point where it was affecting our sleep and our health. Cindy was able to make it all go away. Cindy is a very sweet lady that is easy to talk to and explains everything and works hard to find you answers. I know that some people believe and others dont. I beg you if you are having problems with anything please give Cindy a call. She is amazing!!!!!
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