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Raise Your Vibration, Change Your Life!

  • Have you wondered the easiest way to find your happiness?
  • Do you find comfort knowing that you are not alone?
  • Have you discovered your spiritual gifts and talents?
  • Find these answers and more!

Chapter 1; Where it Begins

In the quiet space between what we know and what we feel, I discovered an unseen world....

“You are good at working with the dark entities,” this woman told me.

“Dark entities? I want to be a medium,” I said. I had never even considered working with dark entities; that sounded scary. “Isn't that like being the garbage collector of the metaphysical world?” I asked.

The lady shrugged. “It's what you're good at,” she replied.

Little did I know I had just met my best friend Lorna for the next several years.

I'm Cindy, and this is my story about transforming from a public procurement manager and protector of taxpayer dollars to becoming the Entity Doctor—a protector against dark entities, energy worker, healer, and teacher. Join me as I share all the trials and tribulations, experiences, and pitfalls of this incredible journey. You'll also learn about the exciting and sometimes frightening things I have discovered along the way.

Apparently, I agreed to awaken spiritually in my soul contract before entering this life. One thing is for sure: if you have agreed to do something in your soul contract, you will be drawn to it—maybe kicking and screaming—but your angels will guide you to where you need to go. What you do once you get there is up to you. The smartest thing is to listen and follow what Spirit is telling you. You may be very surprised at where you end up, and it may be better than you ever imagined.