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Learn to Let Go

As busy people, we are always caught up in the day to day drama of life. We race to meetings and to get the kids to lessons; we are always focused on work, family, chores, bills and all the other details. We are not taught that is it important to put ourselves first in this mix. You may also want to see the blog “Three Little Words”.

We rarely take the time to allow ourselves to just Let Go. This is a very important practice to help all the aspects that make you; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most people haven’t been taught they need to do this and more importantly, how to do this. You can record this blog and play it back or download it from my website .

Find a nice comfort seat, for many meditations you may lie down but for this one sit up. Never do any meditations while driving or in a situation that requires focus. Please do not do these exercises in your bed, only use your bed to sleep and make love.

Teach your family that if you are in this quiet place with your eyes closed, you are not to be disturbed. My animals know to be quiet and not to disturb me when I’m in this mode. Even if they burst into the room playing and romping, they will tiptoe out and whisper to each other, or settle down and join me.

Sit down comfortably, uncross your legs, place your hands at your sides or on your thighs, however you are most comfortable. Try turning your palms up to open and relax your chest.

Take a deep inhale, fill your lungs completely, gather together everything that does not serve you, every little annoyance, argument, or bother and with force, blow it out! Again, inhale, filling your lungs completely, gather together anything negative that is left over and with force, blow it out. Now take a nice slow deep breath, hold it for the count of two and gently release it. Continue to breathe slowly, deeply and calmly.

Take your mind into your body and notice your muscles relax. Notice and release all the tension you have been holding. Feel the tension release from your scalp, around your ears, from your forehead, eyebrows, around your eyes and temples, relax your cheeks, nose, lips and jaw. Relax your tong and the inside of your throat. Relax your neck all the way around, now the tops of your shoulders. Relax your upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands and each finger.

Relax your shoulder blades and the top of your rib cage, relax your heart and lungs. Relax the bottom of your ribcage, solar plexus and your middle back. Relax all the way around your waist. Relax your lower back and tail bone, relax your glutes and the sides of your hips. Relax your abdomen and all the organs inside. Relax your hip joints, down your thighs, relax your knees, down your calves, relax your ankles and your feet. Sit for a few minutes feeling totally relaxed like you’re floating above your seat.

Now feel loving white light coming from the center of the earth, up into the bottoms of your feet filling your whole body. Now a loving white light comes from the Universe, into the crown chakra at the top of your head and fills your whole body. Enjoy the feeling of these divine lights mixing together, filling you with love and peace. Focus on your breathing and release any troubling thoughts up and out sending them into the Universe through your shoulders and head. Continue to feel the flow of anything that doesn’t serve you coming up and out of your body and energy field. Relax for a few minutes in this flow.

Now focus on something you would like for yourself, not for your children, spouse, friend or parent, something YOU want. Imagine having this feeling of joy and perfect health, possession; your want fulfilled. Allow yourself to feel the joy in having this. Feel the satisfaction and happiness that you have it now.

This is manifestation, the bringing your thoughts into your reality. Sit for as long as you want to focusing on enjoying as many things that you want; this is your time.

Continue to feel the white light of love coming up through your feet, filling you completely. And the beautiful white light coming in from the Universe, through your crown chakra filling you completely. This will come with you, no matter where you go, and make you happy, healthy and calm.

When you are ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, come back into your body, and slowly open your eyes. How do you feel? Relaxed, patient, like you just had a mini vacation? Enjoy this feeling, you deserve it.

There will be some days that it is more difficult to relax than others, there will be some days that we make grocery lists. On these days detach from your thoughts, allow your mind to wander and follow it around like a puppy to see where it goes.

I find that there is always a dialog going on in my head and some days it is easier to quiet than others. I like to visualize this voice as a TV in another room, I can hear it but I don’t need to focus on it, just tune it out. If there are noises or distractions, just tune them out or incorporate them into your relaxation. Total silence is not required.

Relax your mind like you relax your muscles. It takes practice but it’s definitely worth it! Try to incorporate this Let Go exercise into your daily routine, at least 10 minutes every day. You will be happier and healthier when you do.