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Your Past Lives

Are you interested in your past lives?

Would you like to know about the other lives you have lived? Who were you then? What were the living conditions? This is much easier to find out than you may think.

Many practitioners offer Past Life Regressions in their bill of fare, I don’t happen to do this one. You can find someone local on Google or look at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Past Life Regressions can be done remotely as well.

If someone has a particular issue, a Past Life Regression might shed some light on the source, especially if soul damage is involved (I do offer Soul Healing). Someone who has trouble losing weight may have starved to death several times. Someone with a birthmark resembling trauma may have died from this very trauma in a former life.

Evidence of past life talents are all around us. The child prodigy is generally one who is still connected to the knowledge base of a former life. Think of a music prodigy who can play difficult masterpieces perfectly at a young age. They can thank all the hours they put in practicing in their lifetime before.

Some people look like their former selves. Think of people who resemble fairies, pixies or elves. Sometimes when you look at someone, you feel the energy of an animal or other being, you’re probably right as to their origin, although this is difficult to verify.

One way to unveil some of your past life experiences is to download a guided meditation to take you through the past life experience. I used Brian Weiss' meditation because I always fall asleep to Doreen Virtue, her voice is hypnotic to me. Brian Weiss has several books out on the subject of past lives. His first book is called Many Lives, Many Masters, he documents his journey into this work. It’s fun to watch Spirit lead him into the world of past lives, what they mean and how to teach it to us.

The meditation usually has your Angels pick you up and fly you somewhere where they gently put you down. To determine who and where you are, you begin by looking at your feet; what are you wearing? what are you standing on? Then you look around for other people in the scene, what is happening and so on. Then you jump to the final moments of this life to see how you transitioned. Death can be a major cause of trauma and soul damage. This understanding can give insight, but probably won’t solve your issue.

Past Life Regression meditations generally take 15 or 20 minutes each, with your Angels returning you to where you started. Keep a journal and as soon as you return, make a detailed entry of what you experienced, what you felt and how you feel it affected you. I used to do two Past Life Regressions at a time.

Looking back at this journal that I kept, I am surprised at some of the entries I wrote. Some I don’t remember at all. The most memorable one is fairly uninteresting. I was a middle-class man with a satisfying job, a wife I loved dearly and a wonderful family. When I died, I was elderly, home in my bed, surrounded by my lovely wife, children and grandchildren, and everyone was filled with love. Why was this one of the most memorable? I believe because it was one of my most beautiful deaths. We do have good deaths, you know.

One time my Angels placed me in a cave, it was dark and I felt afraid. I reached out my energy to find that this cave was filled with a whole village of people and that was their regular evening and night, nothing to be afraid of. In the morning I learned that this community didn’t have language yet and communicated telepathically, like animals do today. This was a great experience because I believe my telepathic abilities were awoken and have stayed with me. I was one of the three leaders of this village and I remember we each had a long stick or branch and we were trying to figure out how to use them.

Please don’t have grandiose expectations of your Past Life Regression experiences. You will get simple glances of what your other lives were like. It’s up to you to decipher what they mean to you, at this time, or if its just interesting to know.

If you are working on a particular issue, it may be helpful to seek the help of a professional medium who offers this service. My experience is, they saw things that I didn’t see and gave me Spirit’s perspective on what had happened that affected me. This was very helpful in putting the puzzle pieces together.

Be playful with the information you receive from your Past Life Regressions. Don’t overthink them or try to fit them in to who you are today. They are nice-to-know information.