Cause everyone knows an ant, cant...

Perspective is everything!

Imagine that you are an ant, you work every day as a drone, you collect the things are told to collect and you carry them in the line back to the colony. This is what you do day after day, this is what’s normal, this is your world, your universe. You often wonder if there’s anything beyond your world. Sometimes you hear loud noises, sometimes shadows go over the working line and then all of a sudden, they’re gone again. During your break, you discuss with the ant next to you your theory of what might lie beyond your world. The response you get is “well you have to prove it to me if I am ever going to believe it”.

We all know people who want scientifically proven evidence that God or the universe or things we cannot see actually exist. Sometimes it just comes down to faith. It’s not your job to prove to these “science guys” that your theories are correct, it’s not their job to prove your theories are incorrect. Everybody gets to believe whatever they’re comfortable with.

As in the ant story, we have trouble conceiving of other dimensions. Imagine your friend, the ant, as you the human looked down upon him doing his daily routine. These ants have no concept of the dimension of vertical because it’s simply out of their realm of understanding, too big to see. This might be the same for us as other species looked down upon us watching our daily work taking place and we have no concept that they exist. Our analogy of the ant is physical because this is what we can relate to. Energetically there may be many, many spirits that are watching over us including angels, guides, deceased loved ones. Also, around us are Galactics beings; some benevolent, others out to hurt us. There may be battles between dark and light entities happening that we cannot see, but we feel them. There may be some days we feel out of sorts and angry for no particular reason. Some people may blame these feelings on astrologic energy coming in from the Universe, and it may well be. But this chaotic energy swirling around us could also be a waging war and we don’t even know it.

Many people are frightened by the prospect of walking through entities as they live their daily routine and would prefer to have no entities or energies around them. Unfortunately, that is like asking for no pollen to be in the woods, it simply cannot be. The greatest fear is; the unknown. Once light has been shed on the fear, it isn’t nearly as big and scary. Is there something metaphysical that is making you uncomfortable? Do you have questions that need light shed on the subject? The questions you have, others may too. Please fill out the Contact form and I will address your questions in a future blog post. I’m NOT saying this stuff isn’t scary, IT IS!! I saying the more you know, the more powerful your perspective.