What Are Entities? - Lost Souls

Although there are several types of entities, the most common are sometimes called spirits or ghosts, shadows or apparitions. I refer to them as Lost Souls. These are people who have left their bodies (died), but haven’t crossed in to the light. Think of how many people in this world have died since the beginning of Mankind, if the souls of only 1% still remain in this plane of existence, can you imagine how many souls there are floating about? You couldn’t walk down the street without encountering masses of Lost Souls. This is why, once you are clear of all negative energies and entities, you must adopt the ritual of flexing your Spiritual cleansing “muscle” to build your immunity. You do this through meditation and energetic intention.

Lost Souls are looking for a safe place to reside until they can finally find their way in to the light so they can continue with their journey. Entities can attach to anything they like the energy of; people; objects; houses, businesses or property. They may stay near a family member or loved one or they may float freely. Animals can see them coming and will not allow entities to attach, unless the animal is rescuing their owner. Then they will keep taking on entities until they die.

Lost Souls generally do not mean any harm, although people that were not nice when they were alive don’t improve their personalities just because they’re dead. Even so, these entities can make you feel uncomfortable or spooky. Imagine how having each one talking in your ear at the same time can make you feel very anxious. They can cause pain where they attached to you. You can pick up their emotions and feel scared, depressed or angry, have trouble sleeping, or even breathing. You may do things that are out of character for you like say strange things, go on shopping sprees, or pick fights with family members. It can feel like you are watching someone else in a movie. Attached entities can prevent you from balancing your chakras or make one or more of your organs act up. They intercept healing energy so you don’t get the benefit from it. Remember, these are entities that do not mean any harm. When this happens, Western Medicine is generally unable to find a cause, and you must seek spiritual help.

Lost Souls are not difficult to remove because they want to cross over so they can return to their soul groups and resume their path, plan their next life and lessons and continue with their journey. They are generally not scary for the practitioner but can leave thick heavy energy behind which the practitioner should cleanse.

There are reasons that Lost Souls refuse to leave; as a group, they maybe protecting you from attached Underworlds (See blog; What are Entities – Underworlds). The Lost Souls won’t go until the underworlds have been completely removed so as not to leave you vulnerable. Imagine that you are living in the middle of a war zone and you don’t even know it? Even more, YOU are the subject of the war!! Some individual Lost Souls are afraid to go into the light if they perceive that they have done something bad in their life, especially if they followed a religion that teaches judgement and punishment. In those cases, it is best to call in a deceased loved one to escort them into the light where they find only love.

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