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How to Feel Energy

Energy is all around us in many different forms. Each of our five senses detects a different type of energy, sound waves, light waves, heat and cold, you get the idea. There are many other forms of energy that we all pick up on that we may not be aware of. You can’t help doing it, but since you are so good at detecting these energies, you don’t even realize that you are. The reason we detect energy so easily is because we are all energy in human form.

When you walk into a room, you can feel the energy. It either feels comfortable and welcoming, or maybe someone had an argument recently and the energy just feels off, not happy. You may feel the room is creepy and want to leave immediately, you may feel the presence of unfriendly spirits in there. Often, we make up an excuse why we don’t want to be there, often because we don’t understand it ourselves; the energy is uncomfortable.

When you meet someone, the first thing you observe from them is their energy. You may think it’s how they look, but that is part of how they feel to you. Sometimes you will instantly like or dislike the person, that usually indicates that you recognize their energy and have had past lives with them. Other times you get to know them and what you are feeling is an intracule part of your comfort level with them. You can often feel people coming before you see them.

The more you notice and become aware of the energy you are picking up, the easier it will be to learn to adjust this energy into what you want. I have met many people who would like to develop their psychic abilities to become healers or readers, the good news is that we are all already psychic. We already pick up on this energy, we just need to do is pay attention to it. Knowing how to recognize and manipulate this energy like having a big fancy tool and no owner’s manual, this is what I teach; The Energy Owner’s manual in the Empowerment Class.

Before starting this work, I once walked into a dark room and felt a bundle of energy coming from a distant corner. I decided to walk over and brush my foot through this energy to see what happened. The result was really pissing off my cat. Even though I couldn’t see the sleeping cat, I could feel exactly where he was. When you get good at this, you can tell it is the energy of the cat, he would have appreciated that.

I have observed that when my plants get dehydrated and sickly, I can feel this energy from them. The other day I decided to water them with some liquid Seaweed fertilizer and now when I look in their direction I feel the energy of a party, they are laughing and singing and enjoying life large. I much prefer this energy to fill my home, it helps everyone to have the happiest energy coming from all sources. Where can you create this energy in your home?

When I’m working with a client, I tune in to their energy. I can feel whether they are outgoing or shy, I can feel if they are a nervous or calm person. I can get a sense of their personality and how they present themselves and more importantly who they really are, deep down. The more I work with someone, the more I get to know their energy and what feels healthy for them, and where the rough spots are. It’s funny, if I’m checking a family over the phone, I can describe each family member, and I usually get confirmation from the client; this son is a ladies’ man, this son wants to be more outgoing but is painfully shy, this son is burdened with entity attachments.

People have trouble understanding how I can clear them, their homes and do healings, remotely. The secret is; I tune into their energy; I feel what their issues are and what is needed to solve them. Now I’m getting pretty big for my britches because it is actually Spirit who gathers this information and sends it to me. Without my Guides and Angels working with the client’s Guides and Angels, and my Councils, I would not be able to do this work.

What are Guides, Angels and Councils? They are energetic beings, they are energy. Everyone has their own team of Guides and Angels assigned specifically to them. They have been with you all of your life, and possibly for several lifetimes. You may have been one of their Guides when it was their turn to be in the physical, who can say? The more you become aware of the energy signals that you are receiving, the easier it will be to communicate with your Spiritual team and live a smoother happier life.

If you are interested in how all this works and how to reach your Guides and Angels, you will enjoy my Empowerment Class. Learn more at