COVID-19 has brought uncertainty in our personal lives and in society as a whole. This experience has produced what I call a Worldwide Wave of Worry because many can’t help but question how things will end up.

Over the last month, I have spoken to many clients who are living in a state of worry and fear. I too, am fighting to stay balanced at times, and want to offer my advice on how you can protect yourself.

Put out the energy you want to receive

Just as you gain strength and power from the unity of people’s energy, praying together, or doing Reiki at the same time, the same happens with negative emotions. The energy we send out is the energy we get back, sometimes magnified, but when combined with other people’s energies, a tidal wave can form!

As people grow more concerned about their lives, they put out the energy of worry. Even though we attempt to be positive, we’re just not sure what’s going to happen, so there is an underlying hum of anxious energy being sent out. This feeling of uncertainty doesn’t only affect our household, our community, or even our state, and it affects the entire world.

It may be hard to focus on the positive, but you must find ways to ground yourself so you can radiate a positive light. The world desperately needs your positive energy right now!

Release thoughts no longer serving you

Empaths are especially caught up in this emotional wave, so if you know any Empaths, be sensitive to what they are experiencing. They probably don’t understand or realize how much they are being affected during this time, and it can be overwhelming for them. In fact, all sensitives are feeling the worry wave.

I have several friends who say they wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts that simply are not their own. I have also experienced a disruption of sleep. One night I woke up at two o’clock in the morning with panic about Coronavirus and COVID-19 on my mind. That’s not me! I don’t sit around and worry. I know I only have so much energy to give, and work hard not to invest it in worrying.

After meditating on what happened, it became clear to me that I was feeling the worldwide wave of worry. This feeling is being generated by the emotional web and affecting almost everybody.

I have a friend who recently returned from working on the upper slopes of Alaska. She is very psychic, and when she was there, she was spared this wave of emotion. However, as soon as she returned to Texas, she immediately got caught up in this emotional Tidal Wave that’s overtaking us all.

I believe she was spared from the feelings of worry at first because she was in such a remote location. Also, Alaska has not been as greatly affected, so people up there are not putting out the same worry wave as more populated areas.

Use this period to get back to the basics

Please be aware that some of the feelings you are having are coming from outside of you, but YOU have the power to accept or reject these feelings. There’s really no reason to worry or get agitated about the situation; you are home, you are comfortable, and hopefully, you’re making the best of the time with your family. View this as a lesson in patience, one that we all keep repeating. View this as a gift — time you have to get back to basics.

If you’re like me, Spirit has been saying “back to basics” for a while. Now it is making sense…

Gaia has us in timeout

Every mother needs a breather, and sometimes we just have to get sent to our rooms. Mother Earth will let us know when she’s ready for us to come out again. In the meantime, let’s reject this worldwide wave of worry. Let’s embrace our health, our happiness, our families, and be careful about the energy we’re putting out.

Our hearts go out to the sick and their families, the doctors, nurses, first responders, and essential workers. We want only positive energy to be sent to these amazing people. A genuine “Thank you” shows the attitude of gratitude and goes a long way.

More than ever, let’s send love into the world and watch out for the amount of worry we are sending out. In this case, DON’T CATCH THE WAVE!!!