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Understanding Your Energy

We all know about our five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, but what we don’t talk about is our ability to sense energy. Everybody has the ability to sense energy, we can feel when somebody is angry, sad, or happy. We can feel things around us, for example we can sense on the highway when a car in the next lane is about to cut us off, or if we walk into a room that “feels creepy”. Somehow, we just know this; some people call it clairvoyance or clairsentience; some people call it intuition but we all have it.

This ability to feel energy is not usually taught but that’s what we’re talking about developing for you. As we know, everything is energy whether its physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, everything is energy. Energy makes up the Universe, some energy can be seen, some energy can be heard, some energy can be felt, but it’s all energy.

Animals have a great ability to sense energy, their ability to smell is much better than ours, I got a new dog and he dug up all the bones buried in the yard by another dog 10 years earlier. Cats have the ability to see things that we can’t. Animals can sense an oncoming earthquake or a big storm, they know this because they can feel it. People can feel a whole lot more than we’re consciously aware of, a lot more than we pay attention to. If we open up our minds and realize what we’re feeling, the information we’re gathering through the energy that were perceiving, we would be able to deal with this world a whole lot more easily. Some call this Spirituality; being in touch with the energy around you.

As energetic beings, we are affected by the energy of others, energies coming up from the earth or coming in from the Universe, and even energies of past events and past lives. We have a lot of energy coming at us all at once. How do we decipher with all of this? Some we can, some we can’t, but it’s how we work with it that’s important.

Not only is the energy that we are receiving important, the energy that were sending out and how that interacts with other energies is crucial. This energy returns to us as a mix of energy, for example if you feel grumpy and mad, the people you encounter tend to be the same. If you feel lighthearted and happy you bring similar energies and experiences into your life. One of the basic rules of the universe is:

The energy that you send out is the energy that you get back. If you want to receive better energy, simply adjust your energy.

Like any other skill such as dancing, playing an instrument or learning a sport; everything is better with practice. I always tell the old joke of the tourist in New York, that gets into a cab and asks the driver “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The driver responds; “practice, practice, practice!”

Becoming aware of your energy output begins by becoming aware of what you are receiving. If you are receiving a sense of dread, a scary feeling then pay attention. If you are receiving information about a loved one, pay attention. It’s all about how you pay attention to the energy you receive. One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is to try to reason our way out of the information we are receiving with logic. Think back, when you have done this, has it ever turned out well?

So, what do you pay attention to? How you feel you feel. Do you feel happy? Is the universe going to send you joy and happiness, things that you want? Do you feel angry and unsettled? Are you focused on “do you know what the politicians did?” Or “That car cut me off in traffic”. Does this rule your world?

What kind of energy do you get back in response to the energy you’re sending out? Try to notice and play with this. You can control the energy of an interaction and calm it down or heat it up by your energy field, without saying a word. This requires you to be cognizant of what you feel. If you’re standing in the dark energy, you won’t be sent light.

Your actual intelligence is in your gut. You overthink with your head; you over feel with your heart and your actual intelligence is in your gut; a “gut feeling”.

When you want to know about something that is coming up, or make a decision whether you should go this way or that way, instead of calling a psychic or a medium, try this exercise:

Sit straight up in your chair, put your feet flat on the floor and ground yourself. Take a nice deep cleansing breath, gather together everything that does not serve you and blow it out; Sssshhhhh. Once again, take a nice deep cleansing breath, gather together everything that’s left that does not serve you and blow it out; Sssshhhhh.

Now breathe gently and normally, relax your muscles and your mind. Imagine, in this dilemma that you’re facing, the first outcome. Visualize yourself six months down the road and you decided not to change anything, it’s the same as it is today. Imagine what that feels like. Now tune into your tummy, how does your tummy feel? Is it happy? Is it grumbly? Is it sour? take note of what you’re feeling.

Now erase the first scenario completely in your mind. It’s six months down the road, visualize the second outcome, you’ve chosen the other path. Visualize what that feels like, what that smells like, what that tastes like. Now tune into your tummy, how does it feel, better or worse? Now you have your answer. You can do this all by yourself you just have to center yourself, get out of your head, get out of your heart, and get to your gut feelings, your second intelligence.