Shift your energy: The Attitude of Gratitude

Would you like to bring your happiness point closer while you sleep so you can have a better tomorrow? When we go to bed, we usually review our day; what went right but mostly what went wrong. We think about what we might have said during an argument, how unrealistic the boss is about the amount of work they expect and how much we didn’t get done, or guilt about the diet we ate that day. When we go to bed thinking about these situations, our jaw can tighten, our back can tense, and our sleep is strained and unsatisfying. When we awaken, instead of feeling invigorated after a night’s sleep, we can feel exhausted, having to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning to do it all again.

What if we made a few minor adjustments by accepting that problems are lessons in disguise and realizing these lessons propel us forward and make us wiser?

When you think of your lessons as gifts to help you develop as a person, you’ll begin to let go and release negative feelings instead of holding onto them all night. You will allow them to drip off of you like water and ask your Angels to take them away. If they are unresolved, you can always take them back in the morning, but they don’t serve you when you are sleeping.

Consistency is key to get your energy field harmonized with the Attitude of Gratitude. When you’re lying in bed, just before you fall asleep, use this prayer to generate the energy that you want to marinade in for the next six to eight hours. Remember, you get back the energy that you put out, so wouldn’t you like a little gratitude?

Say the prayer below during the day when things aren’t going your way, and you would like an attitude adjustment. It works WONDERS!

I thank my Guides and Angels for all their support, guidance, and love that you have given to me today.

Thank you for keeping me safe, healthy, and on my path.

Thank you for delivering my lessons as gently and lovingly as possible.

I appreciate all that you do for me, I will do my best to listen to and follow your direction.

I appreciate and love each and every one of you.

Thank you for…

(Your turn. Come up with three things that you REALLY love in your life and a brief statement of why. Don’t use the same ones every night, alternate with at least one new blessing each night, keep a list. You might say

“Thank you for my loving, supportive spouse or family who gives me the strength and desire to do my best.”

“Thank you for a job I enjoy that pays me a comfortable salary so I can concentrate on more important things in my life.”

“Thank you for giving me the talents and intelligence to allow me to live an easier, more satisfying life.”

Really think about these, you will surprise yourself at how many blessings you have!)

I call upon Archangel Michael to protect me while I sleep.

I call upon Archangel Raphael to heal me and make me stronger.

I call upon my Guides and Angels to assist me to sleep peacefully and easily throughout the night and wake rested and refreshed, so that tomorrow will be even better!