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Finding Freedom

It is so satisfying watching clients step into their power and become their authentic self instead of trying to adapt to what others or society is expecting. This is a text from a client that I have been working with for almost two years. They have done classes, coaching, clearings and ThetaHealing™ with me. They had an epiphany and sent me this text. This client has my utmost respect and admiration in finding their truth. Enjoy.

Hello Cindy

I made the decision to walk away from the day job as of last night. Emailed my resignation letter. I feel I learned the lessons I was meant to learn there. My soul felt like it was scratching to get out of my body while I was there and I even started developing a rash on my skin and scalp which never happens as if I was having an allergic reaction to the negative energy there. I can’t smell fully yet (from Covid) but I had intermittent smells that gave me the psychic sense of a stress hormone and energetic gunk covering the walls there from ceiling to floor. I started smelling it heavily the last 2 days to the point I could not stand to be there. I left with peace, respect, and dignity. There was no reason to suffer or prove anything. I proved to myself that I had the courage to protect my energy and face the negativity there. It is complete.

This was a nursing school situation all about self-worth/ ego/ self-power/ self-trust/ potential/ confidence/ and boundaries. I learned from this:

1. That I do not have to prove anything to anyone (nor prove my worth) and should only do what makes me happy/thrive.

2. Boundaries! It is okay to walk away and say NO! Wield my empathy wisely (think spiritual jedi - not spiritual masochist < that came from my guides 😂)

3. Other people's problems are not my own- do not match or absorb their negativity- no matter how powerful, love and light is more powerful.

4. How to further protect myself and stand my ground whilst knowing when to step away (without dark magic or aggression but with angels, guides, kindness, light and love)

5. Not everyone will like me not matter what I do & that’s okay, it’s not my armor to carry - transmute it

6. Being spiritual does not mean I have to be "nice" or else I'm a fraud- establishing boundaries and being firm is necessary always.

7. Always speak my voice no matter how strong the bully/ wounded

8. Don't dim my light, beauty, or talents and never lose my child heart to make others comfortable

9. I do not have to suffer or work excruciatingly hard to manifest, earn, or PROVE my worth or fulfill the lessons spirit hands me, sometimes it is as easy and walking away, choosing peace, believing in myself, accepting, letting things flow, and doing exactly what my heart desires (not just job wise but creation, life, relationship wise).

10. Gained self-trust, self-love, and confidence in my abilities as a human, healer, creative, business woman, and peace warrior.

Not sure why I took the long challenging route the past 4 years dedicating my time to the "backup plan" aka nursing/etc. when I had all this power and prosperity all along. It's almost as if I was subconsciously setting my dreams up to fail by investing only in the backup, which was something being done to prove myself vs actual passion. I KNOW now that I love healing and creating whatever that may manifest as. No pigeonholing. Idk why it took me all this time and why the resistance from self but I'm grateful to be here.