Deceased Loved Ones

Deceased Loved Ones Are Often with Us.

Not all entities are negative. We have many entities around us at all time, some are angels, some are fairies, others are spirits, but today we want to talk about deceased loved ones; DLOs.

Deceased loved ones can come from any lifetime and from any generation. I often have people tell me that it’s impossible to have a great great-great-grandparent with them because they never met, at least not in this incarnation. Remember, we all know each other from our soul group on the other side.

My great grandmother has been with me most of my life, her name is Lucille. She’s my father’s grandmother who died in the 1890s in one of the fires in Chicago. Obviously, my father never knew her as he wasn’t born yet. She thinks that women of today are wonderful! We get to drive, we get to vote, we get to have our own businesses, we get to have her own opinions. She longed for that in her lifetime but she was very bored with her circumstances and decided to check out early, in her mid-20s.

Deceased loved ones are here to help us. Sometimes they believe they know better what is in our highest good than we do. As we know, sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The deceased loved ones, although well-meaning, are sometimes pesky. I had a client who called me because he kept getting woken up at 6 o’clock in the morning. He figured it must be an evil entity not allowing him to sleep. We cleared him, his mother, and his home. He called back and said “It didn’t work, I’m still getting woken up at 6 o’clock in the morning”. I checked in again and found this to be his grandfather on his Mother’s side who kept saying “come on son, we’re gonna find you a job!”.

I recently moved my 90-year-old mother into the area where I live so I can take care of her. At one point my grandmother and her mother came to me and told me “you’re not taking care of your mother properly; we are here to show you how to do it”. I told them “You’re dead, you don’t get a vote”. They are now staying with my mother until she is ready to transition.

I was doing house clearing when I saw a grandmother, she was about 5 foot nothing with curly blue hair and thick glasses on a chain around her neck, she said her name was Tita. My client wasn’t aware of anybody fitting this description but said she would ask her roommate. When her roommate got home my client asked the name of her grandmother. She said “her name was Margarita”. My client said “oh” a little dejected, then the roommate said “but she went by Tita”. My client about fell on the floor and I heard from her immediately verifying this information. Tita loved living with “the girls” as she called them and enjoyed taking part in their activities. Like many DLO’s, and grandparents, she felt she knew better what was in their highest good and often tried to interfere in their activities. I went back another time to do a reading for these ladies and Tita would not leave us alone, chartering on and on. I finally had to tell her to leave us alone until we were finished.

Just this morning I had a client call me to tell me one of her dogs was barking at 2:30 in the morning at a closet where I had closed an underworld portal. I discovered this was actually her great-great-grandfather and he even gave me his name. He was a tall man dressed in long black robes and her husband had actually seen this man. Since he is not the physical, they thought he was malevolent, but actually he’s here to give his great-great-granddaughter a message that he is proud of her and she is beautiful. He’s also here to help her find her next client who desperately needs her help. I asked him to please only visit during daylight hours so as not to disturb this couple’s and all the dogs sleep. We hope he respects this request.

You are able to call in any deceased relative and talk with them just as you talk to anybody else. Some people asked how you talk to them? “Just like you’re talking to me” I say, you just start talking. If you ever find yourself thinking about one of your relatives that has transitioned, that means that they are with you at that time. It’s normal for deceased loved ones to come and check on their relatives from time to time. They live vicariously through us. Unlike angels, deceased loved ones can only be in one place at a time. If they’re with you at this time they can’t be with your mom or your brother. They are able to travel around and check on everyone, and often do.

When people are preparing to transition especially the elderly, they often seem to be talking to nobody. What they’re actually doing is making plans with their deceased loved ones preparing for their arrival on the other side. I went to the funeral of a very beloved woman who died at 97. Her family witnessed her going back and forth between this side and the other side and they listened to her conversations with these DLO’s. At one point she spoke out loud “if anybody can hear me, I need help”. Her daughter was there to help her, but sometimes the person isn’t sure which side they’re speaking with.

Sometimes you hear your DLO, sometimes you see them, sometimes you just sense their presence. Sometimes it’s a thought in your head that you need to do something or go somewhere or see someone, or simply that you are loved and someone is proud of you. If this happens, don’t try to use logic to dispel it. Logic only gets you in trouble, go with your gut feeling, this is your true instinct.

DLO’s will not come back to try and harm anybody, but again sometimes their judgment is not the same as yours. We all have our different perspectives on what should be done and even though they are trying to help, just like people in the physical, it doesn’t always turn out to be in your highest good.

It is said that when people transition, they represent themselves as looking like they did during the happiest period of their lives. This means that your grandfather might not look old, he may look as he did in his 30s. Other times, they represent themselves as we knew them so we can recognize them. So, if you’re seeing or hearing someone around you it may be one of your deceased relatives. No need to be scared, send love to embrace them. They are here to share their love with you.