What are Entities?

Entities are Spirits or other form of energy that are around you all the time, not all entities are unwanted. Entities are sentient, energies are not. Some forms of desirable entities include Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones (DLO’s). These types of entities are helping to keep you safe and on your path. Many are assigned to you and are always with you, others come and go and you may call in as you need them.

There are undesirable entities which can attach to you or your auric field, you might find them in your home or place of business, you may encounter them walking down the street or they may be attached to someone visiting you and decide they like you better. These are the ones that need to be addressed and removed before they become ingrained. The longer entities are attached to you, the harder they are to remove and the more traumatic for you, the host. This is why it’s so important to be checked and cleared regularly. These entities gain strength from fear so if you feel you have negative attachments, take action to get help and try not to play into their dark forces.

Undesirable Entities fit into four categories listed from most common to the least. With the first two categories I rarely ever find just one entity, there are usually multiple, sometimes ever hundreds. Detailed descriptions and case studies can be found in other posts. The terminology may vary between practitioners.

Lost Souls, ghosts, and wayward souls are people who have left their bodies but for whatever reason haven’t found their way into the light and are stuck. Some may not even realize they’re dead. They are simply people, people that you would meet at the store, theater or bank. Some are nice, others mean, most are somewhere in between. They don’t necessarily intend to cause you any problems but their presence can be disruptive, distracting and even painful. Just imagine if only 1% of the people from this coming of man, (the past 6,000 years or so), became lost souls. You can’t walk down the street without walking through a cluster of these entities.

Underworlds are evil dark entities who work for demons. I have only found underworlds and the next level up called Karelians that will attach to people, upper level evil entities want bigger territories. The job for underworlds is to make you as uncomfortable as possible. They encourage you to make bad choices, engage in addictive, dangerous, or suicidal behavior. Underworlds often open portals or hallways into your home or to your soul and can come and go as they please affecting you any way they want to. Only highly trained and VERY well protected practitioners should attempt to remove these evil entities. You can become their target if you are not prepared.

Galactics are beings from other planets. They are mostly curious about us and are studying how we interact as physical beings, most of them don’t have bodies. Some of these attachments make you clumsy, others can be very aggressive and to their best to cause you harm. There are all kind of different species of this type of entity with different motivations and intentions.

Dimensionals are the very worst type of attachment because they cannot be removed. These unsuspecting beings get pulled into our dimension when earth passes close to or through another heavenly body in another dimension that we never know is there. These poor beings get trapped here and attach to any energy field that makes them reasonably comfortable, or at least survivable. Even scarier, some earthlings can get pulled into the other dimension and suffer the same fate there. To us, these people simply disappear.

To find out whether you have negative entity attachments, schedule a consultation with The Entity Doctor.