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Himalayan Pink Salt – What’s the big deal?

You have seen Himalayan Pink Salt in natural lamps, carved lamps, in edible form, and even in spa kits. Why is pink salt so popular? The short answer is “The things it can do are truly amazing!”. Because it was deposited between 250 and 600 million years ago, it is one of the few sea salts on the market that doesn’t contain plastic.

Himalayan Pink Salt is often sold as lamps because they naturally attract humidity, and when the moisture reaches the warm lamp, negative ions are emitted. Similar to the effects of a deionizer sold by Brookstone or Sharper Image, salt lamps are most familiar in natural form, and these little beauties never wear out. You just need to replace the light bulb when it burns out. I recommend you avoid LED-powered salt lamps. They look cute on your computer, but because LED bulbs don’t heat up, they aren’t able to produce negative ions.


Himalayan Pink Salt and negative ions

Negative ions have calming and soothing effects on people and animals. They help with asthma and allergies, insomnia, and even migraines. Negative ions encourage dust and pathogens to sink to the floor, keeping you and your family healthy. This process helps salt lamps naturally disinfect and deodorize your area, helping to keep it stay sweet and clean.

Many people recommend putting a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp in every room. I recommend adding a large lamp in your entryway to help guests instantly relax and have a wonderful time in your home.


The health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

In edible form, Himalayan Pink Salt gives you 87 minerals and trace elements, so it is made of the same substances that are naturally in your body. Eating pink salt helps balance your body chemistry to make everything work better, and has been shown to regulate blood pressure. Doctors usually advise people with blood pressure issues to stay away from salt, but this one will actually help you. The flavor is sweeter and less bitter than white salt and can really enhance your favorite dishes. You can use Himalayan Pink Salt in all your recipes from baking to marinades to enhance the texture and taste of your food. I recommend putting a salt grinder on your table for a wonderful crunch and flavor.


Bathing in Himalayan Pink Salt leaves your skin soft and silky and can significantly improve eczema and psoriasis. It will extract toxins as you soak and enjoy the calming effects. A massage bar (smooth bar of salt) rubbed on your skin will exfoliate and soften, great for dry or chapped skin. These effects can also be enjoyed in a Salt Room where you breathe microscopic salt particles. Look for a salt room or Salt Cave in your area because it is an excellent way to reverse skin conditions and breathing disorders, seasonal allergies, colds, or just to feel great.

Have you heard rumors that Himalayan Pink Salt is harmful to cats? It is not true. My cats and dogs adore sitting, sleeping, and bathing next to my salt lamps!

There are many benefits to using salt lamps; however, be careful to avoid fakes on the market. These are made of the industrial byproduct Potash, which may be harmful to animals and have no benefits to humans. If you want to make sure your salt lamp is genuine, taste it! You will know instantly if its salt or not.

Fun Facts about Himalayan Pink Salt:

  • The discovery of preserving food using salt allowed the formation of stationary communities, villages, and towns.
  • Salt was universally accepted as currency all over the world. Hence the phrase “He’s worth his weight in salt.”
  • Sal, the Latin word for salt, is the root of our word Salary.

Enjoy your salt – guilt free!!