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Mt. Shasta #4 Castle Crag

My friend Diane and I are on a Spiritual journey in Mount Shasta California. Diane has been called here for about two years, she was all ready to come before covid hit, and everything shut down. She made arrangements several times to come with different friends and each one fell through. When she asked me to join her, I was IN!

We arranged two tour guides for our trip, each one fantastic in their own way. Each tour was amazing and magical, but it was our trip to Castle Crag that really hit home for me. Castle Crag is a very ancient stone structure, thought to be much older than the mountain itself. The tour books say it dates back about 650 million years.

Not being rock climbers, we weren’t able to lay hands directly on these ancient stones so we went to the State Park and up to the overlook. On one side is a beautiful panoramic view of Castle Crag, to the right of that is a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta herself. When I saw Castle Crag for the first time, my knees buckled under this intense ancient energy and I had to sit down.

I tuned into these historic stones and one main wall on the right was the Spokes-Stone. It said it was happy to see me again. I asked when we were together before and it said “back when you could fly”. I got the feeling that it was several comings of man ago, but after the conclusion of the war for power.

The stone explained that I lived on the structure and when I landed to rest, they would teach me lessons. They said that I have already learned these lessons and there was no sense in having to repeat these courses so I was there to have these lessons awakened within me, very exciting!

I was shown an old fashion telephone operator with all the cables and hole board in front of her, this was how Castle Crag would reconnect me. Since I’ve been home, I have felt electrical impulses in the hair on the top back of my head. It feels like that is where these circuits are being plugged in.

Castle Crag explained that the Spokes-Stone was the oldest. These huge ancient stones told me that they came from Gaia herself, which may mean a volcanic formation similar to Mt. Shasta, but it doesn’t have a volcano shape. They may have been thrust up from the earth’s mantle, pre-formed within Gaia. Who’s to say? I was then told about the shapes of the stones and what they represent. The Spokes-Stone explained that there were very violent wars between the Sky People over this area. I was getting the energy of very old battles and destruction. Maybe that is why this no longer has a volcano shape.

Next to the Spokes-Stone were two croppings; one looks like a castle and the other one looks like an old fashion warrior’s helmet. Next to that is a formation where I see four modern missile pointing toward the sky. Peeking out behind the missile is a stone that resembles a Gargoyle, I took this to be a representation of one of the races of Sky People.

Just in front and to the left is a large triangular stone, the front looks like a warrior leading his troops, two battalions follow behind. The smaller outcroppings on the left represented the people of the village that were caught in this crossfire between the different races of Sky People. When peering at the outcroppings of the villagers, I can hear them whispering about the fear and the violence they were experiencing.

The battle for power was happening all over the earth, many different races of Sky People were trying to gain territory. The Spokes-Stone told of many destructive battles which took place over them, races using weapons of destruction against each other and against Gaia. This went on for a very long time.

One race decided to use a different technique; since everyone was using hate and war and no one was winning, they developed a beam of love. They beamed this love from a ship far above the earth. All the warring races were destroyed because they were from hate and couldn’t withstand the love.

Mt. Shasta, Gaia and the entire area embraced this beam of love and took it into their very make-up. This radiating love from the area has been felt by native people and visitors alike for eons. The energy from war and violence can still be felt in the rock by sensitive people, but the love of the area has dominated since this victory. This love energy pulls spiritual people to Mt. Shasta.

As I was tuned in to this ancient story telling stone wall, the teaching energy was strong, yet gentle and loving. At times the energy was so intense I thought I would fall down, were I not sitting down, some were very powerful like G-forces pushing me down, other times I felt like I was being lifted up in the air. Then the teachers fell back and allowed me to absorb the energy of their most recent reawakening.

This energy ebbed and flowed to me and through me for more than 30 minutes, I was exhausted and totally ungrounded. We walked the quarter-mile back to the car and sat down and had lunch before venturing off behind the wheel.

The next day I insisted we return to Castle Crag. This time I was focused on the right part of the rocks. These rocks don’t have the violent history of the first section I connected with, they are lighter in color, the first section is a mix of black and white. These rocks seem much younger and more innocent. They had no stories to tell, just beamed loving energy. They feel serene and happy, while the older rocks are still struggling with their turbulent past. While I still felt connected, welcomed and loved it was a much gentler energy radiating from that side of the rock.

It was amazing to have my energy recognized by this ancient giant and to receive the teachings they have provided. I am so fortunate to be able to communicate and receive this energy. Thank you Castle Crag!