What can I expect from a Spirit Clearing?

So, you feel that you have, or have been told that you have, entity attachments, now what? Many people panic and run around like a cat with tape on its foot. Odds are, you have had these attachments for a long time, possibly several lifetimes, so although this is very important it is not an urgent matter.

Finding the right practitioner is imperative, not everyone is compatible. First discuss with your practitioner what you are dealing with. Make sure you are comfortable with his or her energy and that they are competent. I find practitioners will charge you a hefty sum to “clear energy”, they pray and burn sage. You can do this yourself and although clear of energies the entities remain, which are the root of the problem. Many people believe that they must be seen in person for a practitioner to evaluate or work on them, this is not true. Because we are working with removing energetic beings, you can be worked on from anywhere in the world. I have clients all over the United States, in the middle east, far east, all over Europe and Australia, and I cleanse their energy from my magic chair in Texas.

When you call me, The Entity Doctor for an entity check, I will tune into you and check for these disruptions: (Different practitioners may use different terminology)

Underworld Entities and Energies

Foreign Entities and Energies (Lost Souls)

Galactic Entities and Energies

Spells, Curses, Hexes

Soul Entwinements

Soul Fragmentations

Hole in your Soul

Any Portals

Galactic Abductions and Implanted Chips

Entities that are hiding

Entities that are following you

Soul Damage of any type, from any time

Dimensional Entities

Soul Bubbles and Twists

Anything else we need to know about

The number and length of your attachments and how dark they are will have a bearing on what you will go through during the entity removal and how you will recover from the spiritual cleanse. Look at it like an outpatient procedure, some extractions take more recovery time and energy than others.

Don’t feel you must do all parts of the procedure at the same time. You do want all attachments removed at once, but if there is Soul Damage or other healing work to be done you may want to wait a couple of weeks in between to allow yourself time to adjust to your new energy field incrementally. If too much energy is moved it can make you sick. I had a client ask if she should book a massage and acupuncture session after her clearing, I told her “NO! You’ll blow up!!”.

Spirit Clearings can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. During the clearing you should make yourself comfortable and engage in pleasurable leisure activity; read a book, watch a movie or just relax. Don’t take a bath during the clearing as water acts as a magnifier and makes things more difficult for you and for the practitioner. After the clearing take a lovely detox bath with Himalayan Pink Salt, your skin will be so soft and smooth.

If you are very sensitive, you may feel things move around during the clearing, or not, either is fine. When I talk with clients after their clearing, they say the feel lighter, calmer, more serene, they are usually very relaxed. Some are exhausted, especially if it is a severe spiritual cleansing, others are invigorated, everyone reacts differently. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, who knows how long your emotions have been held captive? Set them free! Let strong feelings move through you, don’t hold on to them. It’s not important to relive the pain, just release it.

Don’t think that when you are cleansed you get to skip through the poppy field, footloose and fancy free. Once you remove all the static and clutter, you might find something that needs your attention and work. Spirit Clearings are your first step toward getting to know the real you and connecting to Spirit within you. If you would like some help, see if your practitioner offers coaching sessions, they already know your soul. Look for classes in your area to learn how to connect with your power and stand in the light. Welcome to your journey to find and stay on your path.