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Four Primary Aspects

Each of us is ruled by four primary aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When issues arise in one of these aspects, it can manifest in another. Think of when you were in grade school and had to face a test you didn’t feel ready for. You usually ended up with a stomach ache or actually getting sick. This is an example of a mental source manifesting in the physical. It’s not always easy to tell where the source of an issue is, but we can usually identify the area that it manifests.

Just as issues stem from different sources, it takes different types of doctors to treat them. If an issue is physical, you would seek out a specialist in that field; if you become pregnant you would find an OBGYN, not a sports medicine doctor. If you have a tooth ache you would see a dentist, not a proctologist.

No doctor will guarantee the outcome of their work. They cannot predict how your body, mind or spirit will react to a procedure or how ready you are to embrace the resolution. Many times, I have clients that profess they want their issue fixed but their subconscious says differently. The more we try to help, the more frustrated the client gets and the more the subconscious hangs on for dear life. The joke is on us, the subconscious has as much, if not more, power over us than our conscious mind.

The subconscious is the work of the mental aspect. To work with it you may need to see a counselor, phycologist or psychiatrist. One of the downfalls of going this route is that these types of doctors are accustomed to pushing drugs on people in their attempt to help. When working with someone taking these mind-altering drugs, I find that they have a lot of trouble connecting with their higher selves and spiritual guides. If you are unable to connect with your spiritual team, you could be in a world of hurt in getting your goals accomplished.

Just like your first stop on toward good health is your General Practitioner, a great first stop toward getting any aspect resolved is to rid yourself of spiritual parasites or Kling-ons for the Star Trek crowd. This procedure is performed by an Entity Doctor who can go in and energetically release these beings and send them where they need to go. This will remove the static and clutter regardless of what type of doctor you see next so it is much easier to get to the root of the problem.

Some people believe that, regardless of the source of the issue, once these energy parasites are cleared, they should be finished, all healthy with no work to be done by them. The truth is they are just starting. Just as doctors facilitate your healing, the heavy lifting is up to you. You wouldn’t expect to go to a doctor with a broken arm and come out with it repaired, pain free and good as new. You know that the doctor can set the broken bone but it’s up to your body to do the actual healing, and it’s not instantaneous. It takes a while. The same applies to other types of healing.

This is true no matter what type of doctor you need. How many people go to a psychiatrist for one session and come out totally cured of the problem that has been plaguing them all their lives? For some reason, people believe that spiritual doctors have a very simple and immediate fix for anything that ails them. I once had a woman come to me saying that there is an evil spirit preventing her from making money and she just needed this one spirit removed. After clearing her of many spirits she came back to me stating that I failed because she hadn’t made any money. Her perceived evil money spirit is more likely a lesson or past life experience she needs to conquer but won’t face.

Many times, our issues reveal a lesson that we are here to learn. This maybe a lesson we have avoided learning in other incarnations and so it comes around again, a little harder and harsher each time. The people with avoidance issues look far and wide for someone to take care of this lesson for them. Unfortunately, lessons cannot be hired out. Just like in school, you have to pass the class yourself, you can’t hire another student to do it for you. Even if you could, you still don’t have the knowledge you took the class to learn. There is a woman who keeps calling me saying her boyfriend wronged her. He needs to be relieved of bad entities so she can heal. I told her this lesson is about stepping into her power to overcome the hurt and damage, but she insists that she is free of responsibility and needs someone to clean up her mess, so round and round she goes.

Some people get very upset with me when I explain that their issue is emotional, not spiritual, so I’m not the right type of doctor to help them. They get offended that I said they have an emotional issue with all the stigma that goes along with it, and that I won’t swoop in to rescue them from having to put in the work it will take to resolve their problem. In this “just add water” type of mentality, people expect life to be simple and easy and that they are entitled to someone doing all the work for them.

Not everyone is ready or willing to take on the hard work it requires to overcome a mental, emotional or spiritual issue. Physical issues people are more accustomed to working out themselves. When you are ready to resolve whatever issues you face, it is a good idea to find a compassionate friend or professional you support you on your path. If you are not sure of the source of your issue, consult The Entity Doctor for help determining whether you need a clearing for your first step or whether you are ready to go straight to the professional most qualified to help you.

Set your expectations realistically and make sure to communicate with your provider. If your issues persist after a treatment, let the professional know. Especially in the spiritual realm, not everything is evident during the initial check. Many entities and energies are difficult to detect and even harder to remove. Don’t think this is a one-and-done solution. Don’t think if everything isn’t caught on the first pass the practitioner is at fault. This is your issue and you need to speak up.

Many times, a doctor that treats mental and emotional issues have no idea to look for a spiritual source, or how to treat it, assuming it can be treated. There is no playbook on spiritual issues and some practitioners are more skilled than others, have more knowledge about a broader range of possible causes and solutions. Sometimes the source can be identified but not resolved, other times the resolution is up to you. It can be a long uphill battle; these are the times you will need professional support.

People have very limited ideas of what is involved in being an Entity Doctor and they over simplify. They expect miracles to happen with no effort on their part. As you embark on your growth, keep an open mind, regardless of what type of doctor you need. None of this is easy work so as long as we are patient and understanding with each other and keep the lines of communication open, the journey will be gentler and calmer and the results will be more satisfying once achieved.

To contact The Entity Doctor, go to or and schedule a new client consultation. Just like seeing your General Practitioner, The Entity Doctor must take the time and focus in on you and your energetic situation. It takes time and effort to do this successfully. Start on your path, have yourself checked by the Entity Doctor today.