How to Find Your Favorite Crystals

Crystals are known for being sparkly and beautiful, but did you know they also put out unique energy frequencies that affect each of our unique energy frequencies? Crystals have amazing properties. Each mineral has a distinct geometric form which it grows, the hardness varies, the associated element varies; wind, fire, storm or earth, the chakra the color, and where it was found geographically. These variables give each type of crystal their unique qualities.

As we each vibrate at very different frequencies from each other, we also respond differently to crystals. For example, my Reiki Master once told me, while we were discussing protection crystals, that she couldn’t hold Black Tourmaline because it didn’t feel good to her, she said she much preferred Hematite. I said, “I can’t even hold Hematite, it’s much too strong; I much prefer Black Tourmaline.”

Crystals grow like all other living organisms

Crystals grow slowly, absorbing massive amounts of knowledge that even the oldest humans do not possess. I once read a story about a psychic who tuned into a rock at the beach who regaled her with the tale of a family picnic back in the early 1900s. As a psychic, if you can talk with animals and if you can talk with plants, then you can talk with crystals. While visiting Big Bend National Park, my husband ran back to make sure he locked the truck, and I sat on a Stonewall. I communicated with the stone I was sitting on. It was delighted that it was in the wall with all of its friends and could watch the parade of people walk up and down the path. It seemed to be a very happy rock indeed.

As you begin to get to know the different types of crystals, you’ll find that communicating with them is similar to any other intuitive communication — you must tune into your body for a response. I recommend taking note as you pick up the crystal how your respiration changes; does it get shallower or deeper? Do you begin to relax? Do the muscles in your face, around your eyes, forehead, and scalp, get more tense or more relaxed? Do your shoulders crawl up around your ears or drop?

You may find some crystals don’t resonate with your energy, while other crystals make you feel calm, relaxed, and loved. For me, some crystals make my heart race, especially meteorite crystals. The first time I picked up Moldavite, it felt like the energy shot out the back of my head. When I visit the meteor strike in Arizona, I can barely breathe, and I get very shaky.

“Healing Crystals?” — All crystals have healing properties

When it comes to crystals, all of them have healing properties. The difference between one crystal over another is some will work better for you than others. I defy you to walk into a crystal store and ask to see their “un-healing” crystals (that should make for a good laugh). While you’re there, talk with the staff and get their opinions, they can tell you what is popular and what they like. They may even recommend something that you were not aware of, which may become one of your favorites. Most of those folks are psychics too.

You can also find books about the different properties and qualities of crystals. Some are more scientifically oriented; others are more metaphysically oriented. Browse through them and see what resonates with you.

You can also check out the recommended books on my website. These books give you a general overview of what the crystals do, but again everybody’s different, so what I recommend for you to find your favorite crystal is to go to a crystal store, or metaphysical fair and actually hold the crystal and note your physical and emotional reaction to it.

Crystals are Individuals

Even amongst the same type of crystals, each one is an individual. You may pick up five different clear quartz points, and four of them are just okay, but one makes you feel like you just put on your favorite robe and slippers. It makes you feel loved and included, and you bond with the stone. It may not be the prettiest, it may not be the fanciest, it may not be in your price range, but it’s YOURS. It will help you through good times and bad. My husband says, “Crystals are like cats; you don’t choose them, they choose you.”

Because crystals can pick up properties from other people or situations that they’ve been through, make sure to try several different crystals of the same type. Unless crystals have been very thoroughly cleared, you may be picking up the energies of their past experiences or from the person that just touched it. Try a few of the same type of crystal before you make a final determination of whether you like that type.

Crystals sold online look gorgeous but unless you are sensitive enough to look at a photograph and feel the energy of the crystal, I encourage you NOT to use this route, at least not at first. As you are learning about crystals, if you are not yet sure which ones work for you and which don’t, it would be better for you to go to a physical location where you can feel the energies of the actual crystals you are considering. I bought one of the scariest crystals online one time, and I did everything I could to clear it. I don’t know what that poor little crystal had gone through, but I ended up sending it back.

Crystals come in many forms, select the one that best suits your situation.

There are classic, pretty crystals that display on a table or desk; carved shapes, polished spheres or pyramids, clusters, points and slices. You can find crystals in their natural form showing off all their beauty. Some crystals are great at protecting you from EMF (electromagnetic field), being placed between you and the computer or monitor.

Crystals come in lamp form, they look beautiful and feel wonderful. At the end of the fiscal year I worked for the State in procurement. I had in my cubicle a small Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and a small Selenite lamp. Whenever my colleagues got frustrated or upset, they would come storming into my cubicle, and plop down on my guest chair. I would slowly turn around thinking I had done something wrong, they would sigh deeply and say, “I love your cubicle; it is always so calming,” and we both had a good laugh. The IT department was happy when I called for help because they also enjoyed sitting in my cubicle, they would mention that they felt the good energy.

There are also crystals that you can wear in your auric field, and you can select what assortment you would like each day. Jewelry looks and feels fabulous! You can wear sets or individual pieces. Pocket stones are inconspicuous but very powerful, and you can always put your hand in your pocket if you want to connect with it. Mix and match to find your favorite crystal combinations.

Enjoy your experiences as you find your favorite crystals. I promise you will get more than pretty rocks.