Spirit Clearings

I think I have an Entity Attachment, what do I Do?

Schedule a New Client Consultation with The Entity Doctor. She will check you, your home and people you live with to determine what is going on and make a plan to fix it.

How much does it cost for a clearing?

That depends upon what’s the matter. You wouldn’t expect your mechanic to be able to give you a quote without diagnosing the problem with your car, it’s the same here. We try to keep our prices affordable and within reach of people needing help.

How long does a clearing take?

Standard and even deluxe clearings take a few hours. More difficult issues can take several sessions.

When will I feel a difference?

If a Spirit Clearing is all you need, you should feel calmer, lighter and more grounded immediately after your session. If you still feel something is there, that is an indication that there is more than meets the eye and we need to dig deeper for exactly what that is. Sometimes there are many layers to an issue.

Can everything be taken care of in one session?

No, not everything. Many issues can be cleared up in one session but it depends upon what the problem is and how long you have had these problems.

Once I am cleared, can the entities come back?

Entities that are attached to you are sent away during your clearing and cannot return. That does not mean you can’t get different attachments. The more you send out negative energy the more attractive you are to bad spirits. Staying positive is a step in the right direction but not a guarantee that you won’t get reinfested.

What do I do if I feel that more entities have attached to me?

The Entity Doctor stands by her work and stands by you. Check back within 90 days of your last clearing, tune-up, or check-up. If you have picked up some additional attachments The Entity Doctor will give you a Tune-up and remove the attachments for a discounted rate. There is also a Tune-up package available where The Entity Doctor will check you every other month and perform your Tune-up automatically. If you need help more often, the Tune-up package will cover this as well. You can continue getting Tune-ups for as long as you like.

Is there more than one type of entity that can attach to me?

Yes! As far as entity attachments, there are primarily two categories, with others surfacing from time to time. Within each category there are different strengths of entities. There are many, many types of spirits that are around us all the time, some are helpful and others benign. To learn more about these spirits, you can take the Empowerment Class or do one-on-one coaching with The Entity Doctor.

Can The Entity Doctor remove all entities or spirits around me?

No. Think of asking to have all the pollen removed around you or all the bugs in your yard exterminated. You don’t want that. Imagine having no earthworm in your yard, you wouldn’t have healthy soil. Imagine having no bees or butterflies; there would be no pollination, so no food. Some spirits are beneficial and are here to help us. Others live here, so this is their home too. We don’t want to exterminate all the spiritual entities but we want to remove the troublesome ones.

How can The Entity Doctor work remotely, don’t we need to be together in the same room?

Since we are working with energy, which is nonphysical, The Entity Doctor can work on people and places all over the world and receive the same benefit. To get technical, this is called working on a Quantum level. This is how all psychics and healers work. The Entity Doctor has helped people all around the world.

Will The Entity Doctor come to my home to do a clearing?

The Entity Doctor can come to your home, but you would probably pay a lot for travel. Because energy is built up in the area that is regularly used to do spiritual work, it is more powerful and efficient to work remotely.

Won’t sage or prayer work to remove entity attachments?

Sage and prayer are great for removing negative energy. If you are dealing with negative entities these solutions will not help and could aggravate the situation. Think of energy as the sun shining brightly through your window, all you have to do to block it is pull down the shade. Think of entities as a wild skunk running around your house. You can pull down the shade, but that won’t capture and remove the varmint, for this you need a professional.