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Do you have questions or feel disconnected from your goals and spiritual insight? The Entity Doctor, Cindy Hallett, at Stand in the Light, is prepared and willing to provide you with a spiritually lead phone or virtual meeting at your convenience. Whether you schedule a Reading or Coaching and Guidance session, Spirit will ensure you receive the guidance you need. No matter where in the world you live, virtual readings are as accurate as in-person sessions, and you can schedule yours today!

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Your Spiritual Team

The Entity Doctor listens to your loved ones, guides, angels, and all energies around you to provide the messages for your phone reading. Determine what forces of energy at work hold you back, and let us help you carry on your life’s path. When we have negative attachments, these set us off-course and can cause strife in this life and into the next lifetimes.

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Divinely Lead Phone Readings

The Entity Doctor is available for phone readings. These readings are a great way to work with a spiritual coach on what you are not able to meet face-to-face on your own and receive better guidance about the meaning of your life’s direction. Clients receiving phone readings from The Entity Doctor find them highly accurate, equally beneficial, and effective as a face-to-face experience. Thank you for choosing Cindy as your spiritual guide and coach at Stand in the Light!

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