Here to remove uninvited, unwanted entities and energies. Clearings are for people, buildings, properties, and items. With attached energy parasites you can feel tired, angry, depressed, foggy-headed and have pain.

Clearings should be done when you feel you are being haunted and before starting coaching or counseling.

You may also benefit from coaching or guidance. Find out which is right for you.

Cindy Hallett

Cindy Hallett

Spirit clearing works through energy, and I clear people all over the world.

I have made some dramatic differences for people in Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, and, of course, all over the USA. I am able to do this through distance energy work, travel is available to your location when it is needed.

In addition to being an ordained Minister I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher involved in Advanced Healing techniques.

I hold a Certification as a Level lll Intuitive Communicator in the IEL Program. This training includes advanced skills in Spirit Release, Crystal Release, and Sound Vibrational Energy Medicine.

I am a Crystal Whisperer and Crystal Healer.

One talent is matching the correct crystal to the individual needing specific vibrational healing.