About Stand in the Light

It all started when my good friend Lauren said "I love my Selenite tower lamp but I wish it didn't have this ugly cord". My husband Matt went to work developing the original light stand and Stand in the Light was born.

We discovered the light stand was perfect to really explore the inner story of crystals. We took our light stand to a local rock shop where the owner had a perfectly clear, quartz sphere. She explained "This is not for sale, this is mine". We put the sphere on the light stand and discovered Angel wings as the blue light unveiled them. No wonder she wanted that crystal.

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show, the largest annual show has vendors from all over the world, and a wide variety of crystals soon became predominant in the inventory. The best part is that each crystal is hand selected to assure the finest quality and energy for your enjoyment.

Being a big believer that Chakras have a lot to do with overall health, the Chakra Slumber and Chakra Guided meditations were developed. Discovering the extraordinary benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt we soon added lamps, candle holders and edible salt to the offerings.

Crystals are beautiful to look at and a joy to be around. For more information about benefits of specific crystals, see the Crystal Qualities section.

Stand in the Light enjoys helping each of our customers. Please let us know how we may help you.

Cindy Hallett Owner an operator of Stand in the Light, LLC and The Entity Doctor.

Cindy Hallett Owner an operator of Stand in the Light, LLC and The Entity Doctor.


The Entity Doctor specializes in removing uninvited and unwanted entities and energies from people, buildings, properties, and items. With these parasites you can feel tired, angry, depressed, foggy-headed.

Spirit clearing works through energy, therefore I clear people all over the world. I have made some dramatic differences for people in Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, and of course all over the USA, all while sitting in Texas.

In addition to being an ordained Minister I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher involved in Advanced Healing techniques, a Certified Level lll Intuitive Communicator in the IEL Program, which includes advanced training in Spirit Release, Crystal Release, and Sound Vibrational Energy Medicine.

I am a Crystal Whisperer and Crystal Healer. One talent is matching the correct crystal to the individual needing specific vibrational healing.

To learn more, come to TheEntityDoctor.com