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Spiritual Education

Classes that assist you in connecting with your spiritual team to allow life to flow smoothly.


Part 1: How to Navigate the Human Experience

As you’ve heard, you are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience. Imagine exploring the basics of how to align this physical energy with spiritual energy, giving you an owner’s manual of sorts. Learn how to alter your perceptions, just a little, to open your life to brand-new opportunities. You will leave understanding how your soul fits into the bigger story, who wrote the story, and what options you have for the outcome.


Part 2: Find the Help You Want When You Need It

You are not alone. You have helpers sitting around just waiting for you to ask for their help, and they are more than happy to give you their best. Some of these helpers are with you all your life, while others visit for a while and then leave. Learn who is on your Spiritual team, what each one’s job is, and how to work with them so your life can go more smoothly and easily.


Part 3: How to Use Your Personal Abilities

We all have psychic abilities; which gifts do you recognize in yourself? Find out how you receive information. Learn to interpret the information Spirit is giving you so you have a better foundation on which to base your life decisions. The information is all around you; you will learn how to listen now.


Part 4: How to Receive the Energy You Want

It’s up to you! The energy you put out is the energy you get back, only magnified. Imagine intentionally bringing things you want into reality by partnering with the Universe. You will also learn to recognize and reject false thoughts plaguing you daily. We will assess the challenges your soul has brought in that you have been struggling with all your life. As your energy expands and shines, it will be recognized by all kinds. This class will prepare you to identify and protect yourself from dark influences to make sure you stand in the light.

Virtual Classes

No classes scheduled at this time. Watch for video content coming son.

Each class gives you principals you can easily apply to your everyday life to improve your happiness. We finish each session with a meditation related to the subject of each section. You will also have access to class videos for your personal use.

Minor shifts in your perception can mean big changes and rewards!

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