Makes An Impact

Have you walked into a room and you felt

Bright, energized, and uplifted?

Or you’ve experienced the opposite;

a dark, heavy, sinister feeling?

When sage doesn’t make a dent, It’s time to call The entity doctor!

Specializing giving a fresh start to people, homes, property, businesses, and even unborn babies.

Easily detecting, removing and repairing things that most practitioners are not aware of, or prefer not to deal with.

The Entity Doctor is able to help everywhere in the world, similar to distance Reiki.

Bring comfort

back to your spaces.

One of the best in the business

let’s face it, these things are SCARY! 

If there are attachments in your space or past life soul damage they can be cleared by The Entity Doctor; a spiritual leader and ordained minister trained in Esoteric Release.

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