Shungite Powder

Shungite Powder


2 oz. Shungite Powder to use in agriculture or healthcare; construction or the beauty industry- this product is extensively incorporated in almost every sphere of our lives

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One of the primary benefits of this mineral is the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties play a vital role in treating acne, inflammatory issues, rashes and similar skin conditions. Shungite has a significant calming effect, and its powdered variant is often used for treating sprains, strains, and osteochondrosis.

Health and Beauty Benefits:

  • Add to your regular face or hand cream.
  • Once the mixture gains proper consistency, apply it on clean, dry skin.
  • Whisk it off with a clean tissue.
  • Repeating this process periodically will significantly enhance your overall appearance.

Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory uses;

Make Shungite powder into a paste by thoroughly blending Shungite and water or Cocoanut Oil in a ratio of 1:2 to make a creamy paste.

  • Begin by evenly applying Shungite paste on the affected areas of your body.
  • Now, cover that area with a clean, soft cloth and leave for at least one to two hours.
  • After the paste dries, gently rinse it with warm water.

Agriculture and construction

  • When it comes to construction, this product is used for creating conductive paints, strong plasters and mortars. It is also used in interior designing for its pitch-black shade and protection from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Shungite powder is extensively spread in sinks, water cartridges and filters for purifying water.

When combined with other relevant organic fertilizers, the mineral increases the fertility of soil and maintains its sustainable quality.