Metal Pendulums

Metal Pendulums


For those who prefer an option to a crystal pendulums, metal is beautiful, durable, and just as accurate.

The Chakra Bead Cage offers all seven Chakra beads to enhance your experience. Great for healers.

The Brass Bullet unscrews to allow to you add something such as herbs, oils, or the hair of who you are asking about to heighten the energy.

The Top has a sleek design.

The Chandeliers are elegant and light weight.

The Tornados add a special twist to your pendulums sessions.

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Pendulums are divination tool to help you connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Using this tool allows you to ask questions and receive answers from these beings whose job is to guide us through our journey. Approx. 1-2″ tall, ideal for healing or divination.