Chakra Meditations (Download)

Chakra Meditations (Download)


Stand in the Light Chakra Meditations CD features Cindy Hallett guiding you through healthy and relaxing chakra balancing techniques. With balanced chakras you are happier, healthier, less stressed and better able to enjoy your life. This CD includes three tracts:

  1. Introduction, which explains how to get the most out of your meditations with this CD. 11:01

  2. Full Chakra Meditation, use this track to relax and delve deep in to your chakras, you will feel very relaxed and a general sense of well being. 33:00

  3. Chakra Tune-up, a zippy charka balancing. Use this on days that you can’t do the Full Chakra Meditation to keep your chakras healthy and balanced. 13:43

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