Spirit Clearings and Soul Damage Repair

Spiritual Surgery by the Entity Doctor  

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Imagine running hurdles in invisible cement boots, you can never seem to jump high enough to clear them. What if you were told “you have invisible cement boots on your feet? IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!”

become your healthiest, happiest self

When sage simply doesn’t make a dent.

You’ve gotten a Feng Shui or general spirit clearing and the problems still persist, it’s time to call the doctor; The Entity Doctor! Specializing in removing dark entities and repairing past life soul damage, The Entity Doctor can give a fresh start to people, homes and property, businesses, and even unborn babies. Because this is energy work, The Entity Doctor is able to help anywhere in the world.

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One of the best in the business at detecting, removing and repairing things that most practitioners are not aware of or prefer not to deal with because let’s face it, these things are SCARY!  The Entity Doctor will gently and lovingly remove these unwanted parasites and send them off to continue with their journey so you can be free to pursue your path unencumbered.

After a clearing, a Reiki session can help you return to normal much faster and easier.


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