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Cleanse and Refresh your Home, Office, Real Estate Listing, and even your Wardrobe with these unique crystals, and gemstones.

Protection, Warmth, Energy

Connection, Healing, Intuition

Blue Kyanite.jpg

Align the Chakras, Enhance Meditation

Balance, Well-Being, Spiritual Communication

Rose Qtz.jpg

Heart Chakra, Love, Emotional Wounds

Cleanse Energy, Crystals, & Upper Chakras


Calming, Healing, EMF, Relaxing

Smokey Quartz.jpg

Ground, Relieving Grief, Energy Cleansing


Powerful, Purification, Protection


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Find Balance and Heal

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Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that resonate at individual frequencies. Each type of crystal has unique metaphysical and healing properties associated that are specific to each crystal, shape, and even color. When ordering a crystal, they are all distinctive and each item you receive will be personally yours. We source most of our crystals by hand to ensure the highest quality and an assortment of shapes from spheres to merkaba.