Start With Life Guidance

For those who are overwhelmed and moving forward isn’t coming easily.
Have you asked your spiritual team for advice?

Together we will talk with them honestly and directly focusing on YOUR highest good. You will learn to work with your team to find and stay on your life path.

Get Stronger


For those whose psychic ability is awakening, or are on their spiritual path.
Want to learn how to harness and direct your intuitive powers?

Together, we will uncover your gifts, focus your consciousness and transform your sensitive abilities to allow you to step into your power.

Please Note:
You must be cleared of all entity attachments before receiving Divine Counseling to be a clear channel.

Lighting Your Direction

We all need a little help from time to time; Allow me to tune in to YOUR Guides and Angels and tell you what they want for you. Together we will help you find what you need for life to go more smoothly.