Clearing negative energy

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Remove the negative energy and harmonize your listings

Before listing a house or office building, you always make sure everything is painted, cleaned and polished. When We clear out the old, stale, negative energy, the property feels it's best.

fast track your sales at top dollar

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How it works

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Fresh & Clean Environments

Cindy has been doing energy clearing in houses and businesses in the Austin and Lakeway areas for several years. She will come to your property, clear out all of the old energy imprints creating a fresh, clean environment. This peaceful energy will help your employees work more efficiently, stay better focused and happier. It will help sell your house faster and can also give you more offers as buyers feel calm and comfortable in the home. Clearings generally take 2 - 4 hours and are by appointment only.




from clients in the austin area


Selenite Angel

Selenite Angel

We feel blessed to have met Cindy when we did…

She has an extraordinary gift, a great sense of humor, with sharp intuition and great character.  We also are enjoying the crystal she recommended for our home which soothes and heals.
Oriane - Austin TX
Oct. 2018

After spending a small fortune on fix-up and staging, our house didn't move. It just sat on the market for weeks. Finally our realtor suggested we call in Cindy…

I wasn't convinced, but my wife wanted to try, so we had her over. After she did her thing and showed us a releasing ceremony, we were under contract within days. I still don't know what she did, but it worked!
Richard -  Austin, TX
Jul 01, 2018

Salt Lamps are warm and inviting.

Salt Lamps are warm and inviting.

Crystal Points

Crystal Points

Cindy came to clear our new home before we moved in…

My friends come over to visit and mention how comfortable and happy my home feels now. It was a complete turn-around.
Lauren Cole-Homeowner Austin TX
April 2018

She appeared at my door promptly, with her clearing kit at the ready, and proceeded to clear and secure my home and my car…

I am grateful to know a skilled practitioner who demonstrates her caring and expertise in such a warm and friendly manner.
Laura - Apartment dweller
Jan 2016

Selenite Powder - Add it to paint & bring positive energy to your rooms.

Selenite Powder - Add it to paint & bring positive energy to your rooms.

Selenite Lamps are perfect for keeping negative energy out of spaces.

Selenite Lamps are perfect for keeping negative energy out of spaces.

When I first spoke with Cindy on the phone, she seemed to be in tune with what was going on, and was certainly compassionate about our concerns…

She performed a house cleansing on the very same day I contacted her. She dedicated several hours of her day at our home freeing the negative energy. I appreciate her professionalism and her warm and caring spirit.

Annette -  Austin, TX
Mar 05, 2017


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Want to Enhance Your Surroundings?

Crystals, crystal lamps, and salt lamps can bring a warm and pleasant tone to any home or office. Selenite is the perfect stone to start with when you are hoping to improve the energy in high traffic spaces. Himalayan Salt Lamps add a warmer, comforting feeling to bedrooms and offices. Explore your options and contact us if you have questions!

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Want to Improve Your Personal Energy?

When we are weighed down by negativity, it can be a burden. As you are clearing a home, office, or listing, some of that negative energy can find its way to you . If you are normally sensitive to your surroundings and the emotions of others, explore ways to help elevate your energy along with your space and get to feeling like yourself again.