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A Note from Cindy

Photo of Cindy Hallett, Lightworker and Spiritual Leader

Cindy Hallett

As a Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach, I am here to guide you to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Together we will pinpoint issues and shift the energy to create harmony in you and your home and work space. Whether you are seeking your direction, or you are called to learn more about becoming a Lightworker, I am happy to show you the way. I have a community of gifted practitioners ready to serve any needs that arise. Prepare to reclaim strength, love, and light back into your life!



About Cindy Hallett


An ordained minister

trained under Master teachers in Esoteric Healing and Communication.

Crystal Whisperer and Crystal Healer

matching crystals to the specific vibrational need of individuals.

Certified Reiki Master

advanced Training in healing Techniques.

Certified Level III Intuitive Communicator

From the IEL Program which included training in Spirit Release, Crystal Release, and Sound Vibrational Energy Medicine.

Spiritual Communicator

A Spiritual Communicator may sound similar to a medium but does not involve talking to lost relatives rather, it is a way to reach animals and angels. Techniques include Angel Card Readings and Pendulum Readings.

Rest assured that I have been educated in these areas by some of the very best teachers in the field today, and the best teacher; Spirit!