Spirit Clearings & Soul Healings

If you are experiencing thoughts that aren’t yours, a sense of being touched, a feeling you are not alone, then you may need a Spirit Clearing. You are frustrated because you have tried to talk about these problems, only to be told that you’re crazy. You’re NOT CRAZY, this stuff is scary and it’s REAL.

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There are simply energies that can be dispelled with sage, prayer, and holy water. Then there are the tough ones that must be removed by teams of divine beings under the direction of The Entity Doctor. Together we address each type of undesirable attachment and use the most effective method to extract them from you, your family, home, and business.

Many issues exist that might be affecting you. The Entity Doctor will identify the type and quantity of entity attachments, look at the health of your soul for; damage, spells, entwinements, fragmentations, portals, and past life issues and we will see if you are an abductee. Once we have a diagnosis, we will make a plan of action to free you from what’s been holding you back.

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In addition to being cleansed of entity attachments, you will be protected from future attacks and receive a short protection prayer so you can protect yourself and build your spiritual muscle. The Entity Doctor will cut all cords that do not serve you and you will receive a healing procedure to start you on the road to full recovery.

Won’t it be a relief to know for SURE whether you need help? Make an appointment for a New Client Consultation so you can be examined by The Entity Doctor. Your future health and happiness are waiting.

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Services For You

If you feel attacked by unexplained forces, or if your child or pet is seeing things nobody else does, it’s time to call The Entity Doctor. Issues can be cleared remotely anywhere in the world, or in person in the central Texas area. Schedule a New Client Consultation and let’s see what’s bothering you.

Sometimes we just feel that our soul needs to be refreshed. Trauma from the past can stay with us for many lifetimes. Either way, a Soul Healing will lessen these imbedded issues.

Once you and family have been cleared by The Entity Doctor, if anything new attaches, you can schedule a Tune-up. You will feel calm and relaxed again very soon. (Restrictions apply) Add Reiki to help get your energy quickly readjusted. Select Tune-up with Reiki.

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