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Have you walked into a room and you felt bright, energized and uplifted? Or have you experienced the opposite; a dark, heavy, sinister feeling?

Residual energies can linger from room to room, impacting our everyday lives. From past emotions, conflicts, and even stress, an unstable environment affects us.

Feel your best with a property clearing from the Entity Doctor.


Unblock & Cleanse

Just like our physical rooms need to be cleaned and maintained, so does the energy that’s in a room. With a traditional property clearing, energy can be cleared and unblocked — transform your space and welcome in refreshed energy!

Shift & Transmute

What have you been manifesting lately? If you feel stuck, a property clearing can help facilitate your journey. Support your success and heighten your manifestations when you clear the unwanted energies and make room for the ones that will go to work for you!

The energy in our environment has a direct impact on our personal beings, and how we think about navigating our path and our power. Maybe you have experienced the opposite and felt a dark, heavy, sinister feeling preventing you from moving forward in life. The Entity Doctor can help you step into the light and claim your power for yourself with our services.

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How We Can Help

Looking for new home? The Entity Doctor will tune into your prospective abode and find any undesirable energies that you want to know about. We will also match your energy signature to this property to see if you have a match. Find the exact home to make your life it’s happiest. Select New Home Search for one or three addresses to check.

Trouble with your existing home? The Entity Doctor will diagnose any issues in your home, property or on your family. These issues can be cleared remotely anywhere in the world, or in person in the central Texas area. Schedule a New Client Consultation and let’s see what’s bothering you.

Once your home and family have been cleared by The Entity Doctor, if anything new attaches, you can schedule a Tune-up. You will feel calm and relaxed again very soon. (restrictions apply)

Property Services

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Bring comfort back into your spaces. The Entity Doctor is the best in the business because we go towards the negativity rather than shy from it to understand and repair it. Let’s face it: the problems in your life and other dark energies are scary. We help you step into the light. We create a growth-positive environment for every client, whether we are together in person or chatting over the phone. If there are attachments in your space or past life soul damage they can be cleared by The Entity Doctor; a spiritual leader and ordained minister trained in Esoteric Release.

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