Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Want to know more about your crystals?


How do you pick the right crystals?

Crystals can be worn, carried, and displayed in your home or car! The metaphysical properties for each crystal are unique. They can be used for healing, intention, or admired for their beauty. This guide will share the metaphysical benefits and properties of your favorite crystals.

What are Crystals?


Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that resonate at individual frequencies. Each type of crystal has metaphysical properties and healing properties that are specific to that crystal. The metaphysical and healing properties can change with the shape and color of your stones too!

Crystals from Stand in the Light

When you order a crystal from Stand in the Light, you are ordering a high-quality, hand-selected crystal that is truly unique. We focus on quality when we choose our crystals and each purchase is cleared on Selenite before it is shipped to you. You can expect the highest quality in our extensive assortment of shapes and sizes.