1. Sometimes there are signs I had an interesting client this week, he called me for a friend of his that is having a lot of trouble but she’s the subject of another blog. In a nutshell, she has a lot of entities from many lifetimes and keeps trying to run from them like a cat with a string tied to i…Read More

  2. What Are Entities? -Lost Souls

    Although there are several types of entities, the most common are sometimes called spirits or ghosts, shadows or apparitions. I refer to them as Lost Souls. These are people who have left their bodies (died), but haven’t crossed in to the light. Think of how many people in this world have died sin…Read More

  3. What are Entities?

    Entities are Spirits or other form of energy that are around you all the time, not all entities are unwanted. Entities are sentient, energies are not. Some forms of desirable entities include Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones (DLO’s). These types of entities are helping to keep you safe and o…Read More

  4. What can I expect from a Spirit Clearing?

    So, you feel that you have, or have been told that you have, entity attachments, now what? Many people panic and run around like a cat with tape on its foot. Odds are, you have had these attachments for a long time, possibly several lifetimes, so although this is very important it is not an urgent m…Read More

  5. Cause everyone knows an ant, can’t…

    Perspective is everything! Imagine that you are an ant, you work every day as a drone, you collect the things are told to collect and you carry them in the line back to the colony. This is what you do day after day, this is what’s normal, this is your world, your universe. You often wonder if ther…Read More