How can I use Shungite?

Shungite Metaphyscial and Healing Properties

Shungite Merkaba


Shungite is a great pain reliever.

It is rumored to come from the algae here on earth before plants developed; you can use it for a multitude of ailments and diseases! When I have a sore back, I put on a piece with medical tape and it lessens or removes the pain altogether.  

As a deep black stone, Shungite is very protective from dark energies.

It absorbs negative energy, pain, and disease like a sponge so it will need to be cleared regularly. 


Clear your Shungite by placing it on Selenite, Quartz, or in the moonlight.

Shungite is a natural source of fullerenes.

Fullerenes are mostly carbon and have lots of antioxidants! They are proven to help with viruses, cell and brain health, anti-aging, cancer treatment and more! 

Shungite has been used for purifying water since the 18th century.

It is also the only natural form of fullerenes discovered. We are made of 70% water so wearing Shungite in your energy field has positive results! Shungite coasters are great for your drinks at home or the office to infuse your water.


Find the best shape for your glasses.

Shungite is a powerful stone of protection.

The protection that shungite offers is strong, reaching all of your energy fields, and it works to protect from harmful EMF from electronics. This makes shungite perfect near any technology! You can even attach a shungite disc directly to an item; this can be helpful if you are always moving them around like cell phones, tablets, ipads, and laptops.


Shungite Discs

Shungite is also a healing stone used for multiple ailments!

It can help with pain, and attaching shungite directly on the skin where you have discomfort can help, just like adding a disc to your cell phone. You can never really have enough of this power-packed crystal! Some people report instant relief from pain and others like to use the stone over time. What feels right to you? You can share your favorite uses for shungite with us in the comments below!


What are your favorite shungite pairings?

Did you know, you can use crystals alone or try them with other stones?

When you want to use stones together - go with your gut; Or what I like to call, your “tummy voice” because,

You can’t go wrong when you trust yourself!

If you like suggestions, you can always try pairing your shungite with Aventurine, Apophylite, and other black stones like Black Tourmaline, Jet, or Obsidian. We paired the Shungite bracelets (above) with a fire agate, the colors make your shungite really pop!

Share your favorite shungite pairings and uses with us!

How does shungite work for you?