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Cindy Hallett, The Entity Doctor, is a Spiritual Leader guiding individuals to Stand in the Light .

Cindy Hallett, The Entity Doctor, is a Spiritual Leader guiding individuals to Stand in the Light .

It all started when

My good friend Lauren said "I love my Selenite Tower Lamp but I wish it didn't have this ugly cord". My husband Matt wanted to help and developed the Original Crystal Light Stand.

Stand in the Light was born

We discovered the light stand was perfect to explore the inner story of crystals.

Have you ever found a crystal that has treasures inside when you hold it to the light?

Angel wings inside a crystal are VERY rare. Carved crystal angels can be a great desk or shelf accent.

Angel wings inside a crystal are VERY rare. Carved crystal angels can be a great desk or shelf accent.

We loved that these light stands could bring out the best in our crystals without staring into a lamp!

Soon after, we took our light stand to a local rock shop where the owner had a perfectly clear, quartz sphere. She explained, "This is not for sale, this is mine".

We asked to see the Quartz Sphere on a light stand and couldn’t believe what happened next…

Inside the quartz sphere, the stone had created angel wings! The blue light of the light stand showed them off perfectly. No wonder she wanted that crystal!

Showcase the crystals you have with hidden treasures like this one.

Light Stands are available in a variety of colors

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Stand in the Light enjoys helping each of our customers. Please let us know how we may help you.



Here to remove uninvited, unwanted entities and energies.

Clearings are for attached energy parasites that leave you feeling tired, angry, depressed, or foggy-headed.

Spirit Release is Completed Before Healing or Coaching. If you have received a clearing and are ready to move forward, find out your next steps.

Cindy Hallett

Cindy Hallett

Spirit clearing works through energy

Spirit Release has made a dramatic difference for clients worldwide in Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, and the U.S. I am able to do this through distance energy work.



Trained Under Master Teachers in Esoteric Healing and Communication.


Matching Crystals to the Specific Vibrational Needs of Individuals.


Advanced Training in Healing Techniques.


From the IEL Program which included training in Spirit Release, Crystal Release, and Sound Vibrational Energy Medicine.


A Spiritual Communicator may sound similar to a medium but does not involve talking to lost relatives rather, it is a way to reach animals and angels. Techniques include Angel Card Readings and Pendulum Readings.

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A Note from cindy

My journey led me to seek education from the very best instructors in the fields of Energy Work, Communication, Healing, Crystals, and Spirit Release. Spiritual growth is always a work in progress and I continue to learn through Spirit each day. May your path fill with love and light.

Stand in the Light,

Cindy Hallett



How We Source Our Crystals

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show provides most of our beautiful crystals. It is the largest annual show and has vendors from all over the world. The wide variety of crystals are incredible and we find amazing and unique items every trip.

The best part…

Each crystal is hand selected to assure the finest quality and energy for your enjoyment.


I’m big believer in working with your Chakras, they are key to being healthy.

Because Chakras are so important, I created two meditations for the People I Love…

Now, they are available online for you to enjoy! The Chakra Guided meditations are a perfect way to easily add this healthful habit to your daily routine.

You are probably familiar with the 7 major chakras.

In the Chakra Balancing Meditation, We’ve included the soul star and earth star Chakras to complete you.

Learn more about the “Seat of the Soul” in this article, The Soul Star Chakra: The Chakra You’ve Been Ignoring.